QATAR may see a quantum jump in arbitration cases this year in view of the worsening global financial crisis, according to an international law firm.
“Qatar is likely to see a significant increase in the number of disputes going to arbitration, largely caused by the world economic situation which is affecting the region and the construction industry in particular,” said Ben Knowles, international arbitration lawyer at Clyde and Co. The firm is registered with the Qatar Financial Centre Authority.
Arbitration is a legal technique for dispute resolution outside the court system, wherein arbitrators (who effectively act as judges) are selected by the parties themselves and by whose decision the parties in dispute agreed to bind.

With regard to international investments, Knowles said, there has been a move towards arbitration to resolve disputes over the past 10-15 years but it had been less pronounced in the GCC.
At a recently concluded Arbitration Roadshow’ last week in Sana’a (Yemen); Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE; and Doha (Qatar), a vast majority of the 300 lawyers, chief executives and business managers anticipated being involved in arbitrations in 2009.

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