ConocoPhillips says Qatar Science & Technology Park will attract world’s best
A leading energy-sector technology executive believes Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) will attract some of the best minds in the world.
Mr. Stephen Brand, Senior Vice President Technology for ConocoPhillips, which is one of 21 organizations with research and development centers at QSTP, says people will be attracted by the tremendous opportunities that will exist in QSTP.
“QSTP will bring together a significant amount of talent. It’s going to attract some of the best people who will put that talent and expertise to work alongside various companies, agencies and academia,” says Mr. Brand.
ConocoPhillips is an integrated petroleum company with interests around the world. The Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) it has established within QSTP is a collaboration between ConocoPhillips and GE Water & Process Technologies. The Center will examine ways of treating and recycling produced water from oil production and utilized in refining operations, as well as other topics relating to industrial and municipal water sustainability.
The GWSC vision is to become a center of excellence for key water related technologies in the petroleum and water industries.
“The GWSC will also contain a visitor center which will enhance awareness of water conservation in the State of Qatar,” says Mr. Brand.
“We plan to focus solely on water technology and really drill down to capture the opportunities that are critical to minimizing the impact of water usage in the world,” says Mr. Brand.
Approximately 75 percent of the projects will focus on global water issues related to the petroleum and petrochemical sector, and 25 percent will focus on local water conservation and municipal issues for the State of Qatar.
Mr. Brand says QSTP will help develop new technologies that can make a difference to the future generations.
“At QSTP, we’ll be building innovation capability together with other companies, government entities, as well as academia. What’s really important is the relationship of QSTP to the Education City that is next door. The nucleus of the collaboration that is developed there will be critical in the success that we’ll have going forward,” he says.

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