FIFA has rated Qatar its riskiest option to organize a World Cup in 2018 or 2022, according to detailed technical evaluations of all nine bids published Friday.

Qatar is classed a “high” operational risk to plan and stage the monthlong tournament in 2022, while Russia is rated a “medium” risk to host in 2018. Both bids plan to spend tens of billions of dollars on stadiums and infrastructure projects such as airports.

FIFA’s technical inspection team rated seven other bidders, which have most or all of their stadiums already in place, as overall “low” risk options for football’s governing body.

That report also highlighted concerns that Qatar’s desert heat posed a health risk to players and officials, and that Russia would rely heavily on air transport to move teams and fans around the country.

The 2022 candidates are the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Qatar.

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  1. 1 tariqfirdous

    It would not a justified reason, either Qatar has offered best possible services and hospitality for the committee, players and visitors all over the world. I still hope that the decision of the FIFA committee will be realy on facts and figures.

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