The activists in the Palestine convoy started a protest after Egyptian authorities attempted to confiscate 57 vehicles belonging to American members of the convoy. The 500 protesters broke the port gates and set up a barricade with two trailers. Hundreds of Egyptian riot police sealed off the port.

The protest was initiated after Egyptian authorities moved to confiscate 57 vehicles that belonged to US citizens in the convoy. The activists shouted anti-Egypt slogans and removed two iron gates of the port. Riot police were deployed to the gate to stop the protesters leaving the port. The number of police forces was increased and they were backed up by armed vehicles and fire engines to intimidate the protesters.

About 500 activists from 17 countries protested Egypt for hours, shouting slogans such as “Egypt, do not push our patience,” “Do not be complicit in Israel’s crimes.”

The protester parked two trailers in front of the port to form a barricade. Bülent Yıldırım, president of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, British MP George Galloway, Turkish MPs Hüsnü Tuna, Cemal Yılmaz Demir, Mehmet Nil Hıdır, Secarettin Karayağız and Hasan Murat Mercan are negotiating with Egyptian authorities to end the crisis. Turkish Foreign Ministry has also intervened to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, Egyptian ambassador in Ankara was summoned to the Ministry.

The Egypt government has halted the convoy for ten days on grounds of unrealistic reasons. The activists have finally confronted the government.

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