Japan experts discuss energy in Qatar

Qatar Petroleum and delegates from Japan held yesterday the first Qatar-Japan Joint Seminar where issues on techniques and economics of energy were discussed.

The event, which was presented at the Sharq Village and Spa, was organised in conjunction with the Japan and Qatar Economic Committee meeting.

“This event was organised so both Japan and Qatar can discuss energy together as well as other energy-related issues in both countries. In the seminar, Japan provided Qataris with information and ideas about the energy market and technology in Japan, like the Gas-fired Cooling System, new gas carriers and refining technology,” said Naji Abi-Aad, Qatar Petroleum media and research strategist.

“The seminar also aims to enhance the link between Japan and Qatar in the energy sector,” said Abi-Aad.

Japanese Ambassador Yukio Kitazume said they invited seven Japanese lecturers from the Keio University and the energy sector in Japan as guest speakers for the event.

“The other organisers decided on the topics to be discussed and we looked for appropriate people in Japan to do the discussion. The topics brought up here were the topics Qatar wanted to hear from the Japanese side. This seminar was a good way to introduce Japanese technology and Japan’s experiences in the energy market,” Kitazume said.

Topics discussed in the workshop-seminar include the Policy and Measures for Energy Conservation and Promotion of Renewable Energy in Japan; the Energy Market in Asia and Japan Actual Forecasts; Energy and Natural Gas Market in Japan; Japan’s New Energy Technologies, and the Gas-fired Cooling System; Development of Natural Gas Hydrate Supply Chain; Catalyst Development for Clean Fuels; and Heavy Oil Upgrading Using RDS/RFCC Process Technology.

Speakers of the event were Hisashi Ishitani of the Keio University in Japan; Koji Morita from the Institute of Energy Economics in Japan; Kunio Nohata from the Tokyo Gas Company Ltd.; Satoo Nakai from the NGH Japan Co. Ltd.; Yasuaki Okamoto from the Shimane University Japan Petroleum Institute; and Seiichiro Eguchi from the Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., Japan Petroleum Institute. Kitazume and Abdullah Hussein Salatt, senior advisor from the Ministry of Energy and Industry, both gave opening remarks to welcome the guests and the speakers.

“The seminar is very interesting. New technologies were discussed and maybe we’ll see if some of those technologies are applicable here in Doha,” said one of the guests who asked his name to be withheld.

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