Oman keeping economic growth up

As global market fundamentals return to a more favourable outlook for 2010, Oman can be reassured that it has weathered the storm of 2009 without too much discomfort, and remains in good shape to take advantage of renewed trade and investment opportunities. The IMF anticipates 3.8% real GDP growth for the Sultanate in 2010 – down slightly on the predicted figure of 4.1% for 2009, yet with a more stable consumer price outlook of only 3%, down from 3.3%

The new projects to be implemented during 2010:

The total approbations for the new projects to be implemented during 2010 amounted to about R.O (937) million so as to implement a number of development projects which include:
– Construction of a number of new schools at various Regions
– Operation and maintenance of Al Ghoubra portable desalination plant.
– Construction of a number of new health centers at various Regions

This is in addition to the implementation of a large number of service projects along with completion of the ongoing projects.

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