The Qatari Institution for Child and Woman Protection is tasked with the role of providing effective protection to women and children. An interview with Farida Al-Obaidly, General Director of the organisation.

What are the major objectives of the Qatari Institution for Child and Woman Protection?

The institution aims at the follwoing:

1 Assistance in the provision of accommodation for target groups and to provide integrated care for them.

2 Shielding target groups from corrupt practices in the family and society.

3 Raising awareness about social and legal aspects among families and society about the rights of target groups as an integral part of human rights.

4 Social and legal awareness of the target groups exposed to violence within the family or in society in an attempt to curb violence.

5 Legal assistance for those exposed to violence in the family and society.

6 Help and rehabilitation of victims of violence from within the target groups and their reintegration into society.

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