Proton Energy Systems has been awarded a contract from Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction to supply HOGEN hydrogen generators for a power plant that provides electricity to Qatalum, proposed to be world’s largest aluminum smelting plant.

Gulf Times reports that Qatalum is currently under construction and is slated to begin operations in August 2010.

“Proton Energy is honoured to partner with Doosan Heavy Industries and Qatalum to bring the latest and most innovative hydrogen technologies to Qatar,” said Proton Energy president and chief executive officer Rob Friedland.

He said the high quality hydrogen gas will provide cooling to gas turbines and steam turbines, which have a combined power output of 1472 MW.

In addition to supplying state-of-the-art HOGEN generators, Proton Energy will provide the engineering support needed to install, startup, and operate the hydrogen generation facility and provide the high pressure hydrogen compressors and storage vessels.

Proton Energy is the world’s leading supplier of onsite hydrogen generators utilising PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology, which create high purity hydrogen from de-mineralised water and electricity.

While older hydrogen generator designs use liquid caustic electrolyte, HOGEN generators employ state-of-the-art solid polymer electrolyte technology that extends the life and reliability of hydrogen generators, while also reducing the risk of injury to personnel and property damage caused by chemical exposure.

“Doosan Heavy Industries is committed to creating and maintaining state-of-the-art power plants that provide the highest value to our customers,” said Taejong Lee of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction.

This Doosan contract is the latest of several partnerships Proton Energy Systems has developed in the region, including another major power plant project in Qatar and one in Egypt.

Gulf Times

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