There is at least one airline listening to passenger’s calls for better meal service and an attention to eco-responsibility. Qatar Airways has just announced a complete revampment of their in-flight food service for flights to and from England, and surprisingly the focus is on quality in economy class.

Instead of sad, beige plastic trays with the airline logo, Qatar Airways will be rolling out clear, 99% recyclable lightweight trays and serving sets which will be set onto a placemat in a color of your choosing.

As for the actual food going into the eco-friendly containers, the press release has all the details:

For the main meals of lunch and dinner and, in keeping with the airline’s Five Star Arabic hospitality, each tray will offer a flavour of Arabia with a regional dressing or dip, such as humus, to serve with the fresh salad starter accompanied by Arabic bread. Malaysian chicken curry, fish and fennel pot pie and Indian style kadi pakora are among the selection of mouth-watering main meals. In addition to fresh fruit, a healthy yoghurt and croissant with preserves, Economy passengers travelling at breakfast time will be able to choose from two hot dishes such as Zucchini and Majoran Fritatta with Cherry tomatoes or Apple and Cinnamon crepe with maple syrup and berry garnish.

We could go for a cinnamon crepe with personalized placemat right about now; forget flying all the way from London to Doha. The service will eventually be spread across the Qatar Airways’ network as they want to please all palates in-flight and position themselves as more than just eco-aware, but culinarily-conscious.

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