Jassim Al-Naama, a Qatari student and President of the Qatar Career Fair (QCF) 2009 Volunteers body, says the most important reason for these students volunteering was to fulfil a national duty and to express their confidence in the pioneering vision of the QCF to further develop expertise, knowledge and talent among Qatari citizens.

He also said a great motivating factor was the role of QCF 2009 in finding solutions to the various challenges confronting fresh graduates by providing them with expert career guidance.

QCF 2009 has registered a record number of 165 volunteers, as compared to 75 volunteers at the previous career fair.

This positive response is attributable to the enhanced reputation of QCF among the Qatari youth, building on the outstanding success of the previous career fair.

The volunteers will help in the implementation of QCF 2009 through 5 sub-committees tasked with specific mandates to ensure the career fair is a resounding success:
1- Administrative Committee – its mission is to formulate and implement strategies to ensure all administrative functions are conducted seamlessly. This role includes organisational functions, coordinating applications to join the fair, delegating volunteers to specific committees and arranging work schedules and status meetings.

2- Reception Committee – tasked with supervising preparations that will lead up to welcoming visitors to QCF 2009, the Reception Committee will also establish information systems to meet the needs of visitors including individuals, delegations, schools and others, as well as managing the distribution of career fair communications collateral such as Flyers and other literature.

3- Media Committee – the primary role of this committee is to coordinate with the Media Sub-Committee of the QCF Steering Committee to establish strategic direction for QCF 2009 Public Relations and Marketing Communications, which include external media relations, development of advertising campaigns, content and creative development of informational literature and content development and coordination of audiovisual media.

4- Hall Committee – organises and coordinates all arrangements related to companies participating in QCF 2009, such as setting-up the fair halls and assisting exhibitors with all matters related to their exhibition spaces and stands.

5- Activities Committee – coordinates with the Activities Sub-Committee of the QCF Steering Committee regarding the management of seminars and lectures, organising contests and distributing prizes.

QCF volunteers participated in workshops conducted by the QCF 2009 Steering Committee, intended to familiarise participating institutions and exhibitors with the main aims and ambitions of QCF 2009 and to encourage them to provide enhanced opportunities across their various operating departments to facilitate the induction of graduates into these organisations.

The QCF Volunteer body has also established an e-forum called the ‘Qatar Career Fair 2009 Volunteers On-Line Forum’ at to smoothen the progress of communication among volunteers as they execute the tasks assigned to them by the committees they belong to.

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