Trade between Qatar and South Korea grew 69.2% to US$16.3 billion last year, data issued by Korea International Trade Association said.

South Korean imports from Qatar stood at US$14.4 billion last year, up 70% from 2007. South Korean exports to Qatar totalled US$1.9 billion last year, up 63.4% on 2007.

South Korea’s main import commodities from Qatar are natural gas, crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas.
Last year, South Korea imported LNG worth US$7.2 billion from Qatar, up 65% on 2007. South Korea imported crude oil worth US$6.2 billion and LPG worth US$600 million from Qatar last year, showing an increase of 85.7% and 88.6% respectively on 2007.

South Korea imported naphtha worth QAR175 million from Qatar last year. Fertiliser imports from Qatar to South Korea totalled US$97 million and petrochemical products US$59 million last year.

The main export commodities from South Korea include ships, cars, steel containers, electric wire, steel structure, air conditioner and chemical instruments. Vessels such as LNG carriers worth US$491 million were delivered to Qatar last year, KITA data indicates.

South Korea exported cars worth US$81 million to Qatar last year, up 19.3% on 2007.

South Korean air conditioners valued at US$141 million were exported to the country in 2008.

Heavy equipment worth QAR73 million was exported to Qatar last year, up 172% on 2007.

Qatar has eighth position among countries from where South Korea imports. Qatar takes 39th position in South Korea exports.

“The bilateral commercial relationship holds promise to both the countries,” KITA said.

Source: BI-ME

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