Filipino workers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are urged to register with the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) immediately if their services have been terminated for possible jobs in Qatar.

Philippine Labour Attache in Dubai Viriginia P. Calvez issued this advice after 39 Filipino workers from the construction industry received their termination letters from their employers and left for Manila last week.

“Any displaced workers here, who may not have the time to come to POLO to register, may proceed to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration in Manila upon their arrival there for the same purpose,” she said.

During his visit to Dubai in December last year, Philippine Labour Secretary Mariano D. Roque advised those who are retrenched to inform the POLO. He had also urged those who lose jobs to submit their curriculum vitae to the Labour Attaché for possible transfer to jobs in Qatar, which granted 120,124 visa allocations for Filipino workers this year.

A Philippine labour and employment task force is due in Dubai next week to check on the number of displaced Filipino workers and see how they can be assisted.

Labour Attaché in Abu Dhabi Nasser Munder told Khaleej Times that so far, no reports of retrenched Filipinos have reached the Philippine Embassy in the capital.

He said the bulk of retrenched Filipino workers, if any, might be from the construction industry, which is affected by the economic slowdown, in Dubai and the Northern Emirates where most Filipinos are working.

Khaleej Times

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