Qatar on investments in Greece

ANA-MPa/Greece and Qatar held their first meeting in Athens of an inter-ministerial commission, set-up following the signing of a memorandum of understanding last month in New York.

In a joint communiqué released after the meeting, the Qatari delegation expressed its strong will to implement its intention to invest up to 5.0 billion US dollars in Greece. The meeting was chaired by Greek State Minister Haris Pampoukis and the head of Investments Authority of Qatar, Ahmed Al-Sayed.

The meeting focused on organizing contacts between the two sides, along with investment plans on sectors envisaged by the memorandum. Sources said the meeting did not discuss a decision to cancel an energy investment in Astakos, western Greece.

Speaking to reporters, the Greek minister said “relations are impeccable” and dismissed negative reports made in the last few days. The Qatari official said he was happy to visit Athens for the first time, adding “and not the last”.

“We reaffirmed our interest for investments and we are examining several proposals on how to proceed with them. The Greek government was very helpful and the climate positive. Our next meeting will be held in Doha at the end of November,” Al-Sayed told reporters. He declined to say anything about an alleged interest to invest in the site of the former Athens airport at Hellinikon

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