Qatar is set to become the newest member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) with the formation of their own non-profit organisation to promote sustainable development.

The Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) is being established by the Qatar Foundation (QF) and will encourage the construction industry to adopt environmentally friendly building practices.

QGBC will also develop a new green building model that will become the standard for all developers in Qatar, said QGBC founder Issa Mohamed al-Mohannadi in a report in the Gulf Times.

“QGBC will not only work to create awareness of the importance of sustainable environment management practices, it will also act as the central co-ordination point for the development of our own set of Qatar-specific green building solutions,” he said.

“These solutions will form the basis of a green building model, which will be adapted to specifically suit our culture and architecture.”

Qatar’s construction industry is growing at a phenomenal rate with 800 buildings planned for the capital Doha in the next few years as well as several massive housing developments, said Al-Mohannadi.

Establishing the QGBC is therefore a significant step towards Qatar becoming more environmentally friendly, he said.

“The building process is resource hungry and we have a responsibility to ensure that our developments are environmentally and socially sustainable,” he said.

“On a global scale, more than 32% of the world’s resources are used in the building process including 40% of the world’s energy and 12% of the world’s fresh water. In addition, construction produces 40% of the world’s landfill and air emissions respectively.

“The QGBC will work together with government institutions to ensure the integration of initiatives and efforts towards constructing green buildings across government and industry in Qatar.”

The WGBC was formed by eight nations in 2002 and is now one of the fastest growing non-profit organisations in the world. There are currently 13 member countries with a further eight countries listed as “emerging councils”.

According to the WGBC website the organisation represents over 50% of global construction activity touching more than 15,000 companies and organisations worldwide.

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