Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Abdullah Al-Attiya stressed importance Saturday on supporting stability and development in the Islamic world which in turn help benefit American-Islamic relations.

Al-Attiya made his comment during the opening ceremony of the United States-Islamic world forum which will last for three days.

The Qatari minister called on the need to strive hard for resolving political conflicts in the Islamic world, particularly the Palestinian conflict.

The minister pointed out that without resolving the Palestinian cause, there would not be political stability and therefore no tools for proper development.

The minister also expressed hope that there will be reconcile efforts which would establish a new framework for relations between the US and the Islamic world on the basis of justice and equality to achieve common interests and benefits.

The Qatari official said that the new US administration of President Barack Obama is giving new hopes of a new course of relationship between America and the Muslim world.

“The ambitious President Obama, who said he aims at normalizing relations based on respect and common interests with the Islamic world is an important step for a new era,” Al-Attiya added.

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