Vodafone Qatar FAQs

vodafone-qatarQ. When is Vodafone Qatar launching?

A. Vodafone Qatar will turn on its network on 01/03/09

Q. What will your numbers start with and how can you reserve numbers?

A. Vodafone Qatar’s numbers will start with 7. Stay tuned for information on how you can reserve your number. We’ll be announcing this in due course.

Q. What products and services will you be offering and will you be competing on price?

A. Vodafone Qatar will compete aggressively and will deliver outstanding value to its customers by offering its full range of exciting products and services.

Q. Will you be selling handsets?

Yes. Vodafone Qatar will sell the major brands and Vodafone handsets.

Q. When is Vodafone Qatar’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

A. Vodafone Qatar is waiting for Qatar Financial Markets Authority approval to commence the Initial Public Offering

Q. Is the IPO open to everyone?

A. The IPO is open to Qatari nationals. International investors are welcome to purchase shares on the open market once it begins trading on the Doha Stock Market.

Q. How can I apply for a job at Vodafone Qatar?

A. Please send CV’s to

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