Continuing development of Volkswagen with the concept of super-efficient model that some time ago reportedly ready to be presented at the Qatar Motor Show, is now a German manufacturer has parted the veil of the model concept.

Models of this concept is now named VW XL1 Concept and was developed from model L1 Concept that was introduced in 2009 lalu. XL1 Concept comes with a front engine construction techniques in this era combined with the plug-in hybrid system is innovative.

So that makes the XL1, a super-efficient car with a fuel consumption level of 134 km / liter! And also has a very low emission levels, only 24 g / km. This model will be the main criterion assessed the development of efficient cars for the future.

800 cc engine powered compact 2-cylinder TDI common-rail diesel engine that produces power 47 hp electric motor connected to power so that in total 26 dk 74 dk generate power. Power was felt very fit with a super light weight, only 795 kg.

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