Popular Filipino television and movie actress Isabel Granada has just finished filming an international suspense-thriller “Pirate’s Blood” after their location shooting in Oman last year that took them months mostly along the great beaches of the country.

Isabel, who was here on Thursday for a promo of Natasha products at Doha Seef Hotel, told The Peninsula in an interview that the film story is all about seven people of different nationalities who meet and hatch a plan to go treasure hunting. Unfortunately for them, a pirate had been guarding the treasure, which makes for the climax of the story as the action-filled misadventures of the seven friends start to unfold in these scenes.

Isabel is proud to say the movie will come out internationally since the stars have their own legion of fans in their respective countries that the Omani and Indian producers believed could make for a good market in many parts of the globe.

Besides her, other internationally acclaimed movie stars include: Nishamth Sagar from India, another Indian Sunny Leone already staying in California, Salim Bahwah from Oman, Canadian Steg Dorr and famous Omani actress Maimoona.

She admitted the producers still owe her a big sum of money for her talent and professional fee but she is still hopeful, her bosses would not go back on their commitment to the main cast members of the movie who worked hard to cope with international cinema standards and make it a sure hit during its worldwide showing this year.

“This is not only Hollywood movie but Bollywood as well”, Isabel disclosed.

She hopes to have the chance of making another movie particularly in Qatar where it will portray the rich cultural landmarks of the country.

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