DOHA: While a large proportion of parents are satisfied with the education offered by schools in the country, many teachers feel their opinion is not valued in decision-making in schools.

According to the report on Schools and Schooling in Qatar, released by the Supreme Education Council on Thursday, a substantial number of parents reported that they felt their child enjoyed school. More than 66 percent of students said they were enjoying their classes. Student enjoyment levels were substantially higher in primary schools than in preparatory schools, where, in turn, they were higher than in secondary schools.

According to the report, the parents expressed a strong positive view about the school maintenance of discipline and order, with 83 percent expressing satisfaction with the disciplinary aspect of schools.

However, parents satisfaction with school communications was moderate; but it has continued to improve over the last three years, with 68 percent expressing satisfaction in this area.

Relatively low proportions of teachers (55 percent) felt that their opinion is valued within school decision-making. This proportion is slightly higher than in the previous two school years the report says.

Dr Yousef Al Mulla , Principal Evaluation Officer (Analysis and Reporting), Evaluation Institute, Supreme Education Council (SEC), has urged educators and the general community to keenly study the findings of the report.

Dr Al Mulla said the SEC will provide copies of the report to all schools, senior educators and leaders in Qatar and the surrounding region. Others interested in the report can request a copy from the Evaluation Institute or access it electronically through the SECs website ( Separate Arabic and English versions of the report are available.

The scope of the report is broad. It is a rich set of data covering students, parents, teachers and principals as well as school governance, leadership, services and facilities. The report also covers educational provisions and approaches, teaching practices assessment methods, homework and student academic achievement in addition to student attitudes and behaviour, parent interaction and involvement in schools and client (i.e. parent and student) satisfaction with aspects of schools, he said.

The report gives a comprehensive picture of the educational system in Qatar, dealing with all types of schools, except the performance of the foreign community schools. The report covered 299 schools, 14,970 teachers and 151,050 students.

On the findings of the report, Dr Al Mulla said: �Overall the picture is good. However, it is not entirely positive and there is room for improvement in certain areas�.

�This type of research will help us identify areas of potential strengths and weaknesses and allow us to chart our progress and identify any changes that are occurring over time. The release of such information illustrates Qatar�s commitment to transparency, accountability and improvement in education�, he said.

The report is designed to inform and provide objective, research-based data about schools and schooling in Qatar. It contains 264 tables and 127 graphical displays that give general information about schools as well as information on each stage of schooling and type of school. It provides a comprehensive statistical overview of important aspects of Qatar�s schools and education, independently compiled by the Evaluation Institute of the SEC.

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