Qatar’s Population Details

There was a fall of more than 15,000 people in Qatar’s population as on December 31, 2008, compared to figures of November 30 last year, according to data furnished by Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA).

The QSA put Qatar’s population on December 31 as 15,53,729 against 15,69,174 on November 30, 2008.
The QSA has not attributed any specific reason for the fall in the country’s population.
According to the authority, the country’s population as on October 31 was 15,41,130.
The country recorded 14,720 births in 2008 while there were 1,750 deaths in the same year.
According to the December 31 figures, there were only 3,50,348 (approximately 29.11%) females in the country.
In the previous month, women accounted for 29.60% (3,58,618) of the population, the QSA records pointed out.
While there were 900 births in the month of December 2008, the previous month saw 858 births in the country’s hospitals, according to the report.
There were 456 females and 444 males among the newborns in December. Among the Qatari nationals, there were 339 new births, of which 171 (50.44%) were females.
Among the non-Qataris (no separate break-ups of nationalities were given), there were 561 births, of which 285 (50.80%) were females.

The month of December 2008 witnessed the death of 147 people, it said. While 96 of them were non-Qataris, 51 were nationals. Among the dead were 105 (71.5%) men.
Among the other nationalities, 79 (82.30%) of the dead were males, while among Qataris, the figure was more or evenly matched, with 25 females and 26 males, the records pointed out.
In the month of November 2008, there were 534 births among non-Qataris and 324 among the nationals.
Among the other nationals, females and males were 262 and 272 respectively while among the Qataris 155 females and 169 males were born in the month, the records revealed.
A total of 150 people died in the month of November. Among them, 96 were from other nationalities, of which 75 were men. While among the Qataris, 17 females and 37 males died in the month, according to the QSA report.
The report also said there were 9,397 medical staff working in the government sector. It said 22,330 surgeries were carried out at the hospitals under the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in the year 2008.
Meanwhile, the QSA has made significant progress in its preparations for conducting a national census in April 2010, a top official has said.
QSA president HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jabor bin Jassim al-Thani said the census would include the population and details about the country’s housing and establishments.
“This census is significant for the country’s official policy makers and, particularly, in facilitating and measuring Qatar’s progress towards the National Vision 2030.”

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