Chairman of the Qatar Tourism Authority Ahmed Abdullah Al Noaimi said Wednesday he expects the tourism sector to contribute generously to the country’s national income within four to five years from now. Al Noaimi pointed out that the QTA is currently cooperating with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to establish a new system to be […]

Doha has become a major destination for the cruise ships in the Gulf. The cruise agencies now regard Qatar as a regular port of call on the Middle East maritime routes because of new visa rules. The new visa procedure allows Qatari authorities to process all visas in four to seven working days in advance […]

The Qatar Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (QTEA) accorded a warm welcome to passengers of a cruise making a stopover in Qatar. Passengers from the Deutschland, a tourism ship cruising in the Gulf, were the first to take advantage of the relaxation of entry procedures, and to have an eased arrival in Qatar. The 400 passengers […]

A strong bilateral relations between Qatar and Italy in terms of tourism is expected to rise as the Italian delegation laid the first stone of cooperation during their brief visit in Doha. Aside from expanding bilateral economic relations with Qatar, the delegation was in Doha to start a profitable cooperation in line with tourism industry. […]