Vodafone Qatar is taking “legal action” against the country’s telecom regulator ictQATAR, for “allowing Virgin Mobile’s entry into the market without being licensed”.

The Qatari telecoms regulator is facing legal action from Vodafone Qatar, after it awarded a licence to Virgin Mobile to provide MVNO services in the Gulf country.

The move follows a deal that Virgin signed with Qatar Telecom (Qtel) to break the existing duopoly and launch pre-paid mobile service, Virgin Mobile Qatar, which Richard Branson launched on May 15 by riding a jetski.
Vodafone Qatar has argued that this breaks the country’s telecoms law and is a violation of the licence. In 2007, it paid $2.1 billion for the licence to break Qtel’s monopoly in the state. The brand franchise agreement between Qtel and Branson’s Virgin Group is fully compliant with the terms of Qtel’s existing licence, said Qtel.
Vodafone Qatar is taking legal action for the damages caused to its shareholders, said the company’s chairman, Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Saud al-Thani

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